Viridianology.  Nature is our inspiration, science is our tool, and sustainability is our goal.  At Viridian, we create for our clients the most sustainable landscapes possible.  Like nature, our designs are custom fit to your application, thereby maximizing property values, minimizing operational costs, and leaving the smallest ecological footprint possible on the environment.  Our living landscape design combined with our waster water treatment will provide costs savings day one of completed installation. Viridian:  Prosper, Enjoy & Replenish ©

Waste Water Treatment

The most substantial costs in any community are always;

  1. Landscaping (Installation, daily maintenance)
  2. Water

With Viridian’s proprietary Living Landscape Plan, your community can expect your landscape to be;

  1. Functional
  2. Desirable
  3. Sustainable
  4. Cost Effective

Installing Viridian’s award winning waste water treatment known as Fluence will provide your community with;

  1. A nearly endless supply of irrigation water
  2. Lush and green landscape
  3. Significant savings to your utilities

Below is an example of the typical conditions within a community. There are 176 million gallons of potable water used by homeowners plus an additional 81 million gallons for the irrigation. Viridian’s waste water treatment will clean the used potable water with its proprietary process and use it to irrigate the community saving 81 million gallons per month. With water costing approximately $10.134 per Hundred Cubic Feet (748 Gallons) the savings are extremely significant.